Motor Winding & Repair

We can help with all different motors and problems. From motor rewinds to simple brush replacement. Request more information

  • Free Pickup & Delivery Within 50 Miles
  • 5 Ton Lift Capacity
  • AC Motors
  • DC Motors
  • Stepper Motors
  • Servo Motors

In House Welding/Balancing

Bring in anything you need welded and let our experts handle the rest.

Dynamic Balancing Service
We have the capability of balancing anything you may need balanced up to 2 tons and a maximum of 14 feet.


We provide on-site service for trouble shooting and installations within 75 miles. Special installations and service can be accommodated for jobs out of geographical reach.

Products produced at Servedio Electric such as panels and controls, installation aragements can be made.

  • On-site Start Up
  • Technical Assistance of all Servedio Engineered/Fabricated equipment
  • Welder Repair/Calibrations
  • Generator Repair
  • Electrical Troubleshooting/Repair of Industrial Equipment

Our reputation depends on the job we do for you and since 1931 we have taken pride in doing each job right.

Panel Shop

Our control systems are currently being used across the country in various applications, such as, bulk conveying of raw materials for the plastics industry and in bottling facilities for water, juice and milk. We have achieved this through a combined effort with OEM manufacturers of various type of equipment. Together we have created a mutually beneficial partnership with these OEM's, where they continue to provide their specialized equipment and we provide the required custom controls for each specific application and or location. Along with the engineering, design and fabrication of these control packages, we at SERVEDIO also provide full technical support and start-up assistance for all of our controls.

In addition to the above mentioned applications, we have also designed custom packages for industrial equipment ie: mills, lathes, drilling machines etc. With our control packages our customers were able to upgrade older manually operated equipment to near CNC precision and automation at a fraction of the cost. By incorporating our precise controls, they were able to increase productivity while reducing production costs.

  • PLC Control
  • Touch-Screen Interfacing
  • PLC Programming
  • Complete Engineered Systems
  • CAD Drawings provided with all systems
  • Full engineering, design and fabrication capabilities
  • On-Site start-up assistance
  • Technical support


We currently carry a wide variety of products from many different vendors. Please take a moment and look over the vendors we work with here.

If you are seeking information about us carrying one of your product please contact us.